Faulty Filter

How am I filtering social media internally? What sticks to my consciousness? Absorbs into how I see my overall self. Allow me to break this down by platform:

FACEBOOK- Since 2016, I’ve been treating Facebook like a toddler treats his early peas – timidly poking around the rims without fully consuming. Lately, however, I’ve been clicking the videos icon at the way-bottom in the middle of the night. Watching un-interesting snippets from Friends and weirdly dramatized life stories of famous people like Megan Fox finding empowerment in archaeology. I mean, great for Megan Fox (why am I in her business, btw?) but not so much for me. I should be asleep, not contributing my view to the twelve million others at three-o-clock in the morning. The videos feel safer than posting, but it’s all wasted time. At the end of it, nothing at all is accomplished. I am not bettered. I am only… sleepy.

TWITTER- Twitter is breaking news for me. I’m ashamed to write this actually, because what a flawed way to consume current events – crowd sourced, confused, and usually, incorrect. But here we are.

If I’m being honest, Twitter, for me, is not just about news news. It’s also about book drama. GIRLS LIKE US will be out soon (Oct. 29) and Twitter savaged my last book, INTO WHITE (2016). Twitter left invisible scars and I’m sadistically obsessing over and anticipating what Twitter scars will come of this new novel. Too, since 2016, Twitter has been a peep hole into the writing community. When books are banned or cancelled or controversies arise, Twitter is the only way that I know about that type of stuff. Mostly, I go there for the messy things. And that’s no good.

One of my bright spots is Bachelor Nation Twitter. Communal guilty pleasure is the best kind. The other, most powerful bright spot is supportive authors and industry folks. Over the years, there have been a few beautiful souls who’ve stayed relentlessly supportive and I will never forget. Ever.

INSTAGRAM- I used to think that Instagram was the anti-Twitter – a kind social media platform where beauty and love abounds. Maybe it was at one point in my life. But now, I search for things more beautiful that I think I am. Women more-shapely. Diets unattainable. Houses out of range. No longer a wish board, it’s becoming unhealthy.

PINTEREST- Again, Pinterest used to be all inspirational quotes and ideas for carpeting in the basement, now it’s mostly diets and long distance running plans (I have a bad knee so… yeah).

I fear that my internal social media filter is faulty, and the only way I can think to repair it is to give myself a break for all platforms. Really, I think it’s been broken for a while now. It’s time.

I’m taking a week off of IG, FB, PINTEREST, and TWITTER. I’ll post an update next Monday to let everyone know how that went. Why am I nervous?


Randi PinkComment